The launch of Spectrum Academy

I have been a part of the maritime industry for over two decades. My job involved me travelling across the globe and staying in hotels at the port of joining and also at cities I signed off from. Every country and every hotel group had something unique on their platter to offer to the discerning traveler or their guests as referred to in the hotel industry.  That always amused me and attracted my appreciation. When I got married to a hotelier, I learnt so much more about the hotels and the services that they offer.  It gave me another angle to look at things and understand them which used to go unnoticed earlier. In fact my wife asked me for specific information and what to observe while I stayed at different hotels. I became a reporter to her. She said, that information helped her in her classes and training sessions as she could speak about trends around the globe with specific examples. I was glad she liked what was sent to her.

When I got in touch with my partner, Vibhor Rastogi, a Chef trainer and an entrepreneur. I shared with him what I intended to do and the vision that I carried. We clicked on the idea and that lead to the foundation of Spectrum Academy. Hospitality is something that you do from the heart. What really touches the guests is a service that’s good, personalized and that creates ‘Wow’ for him or her. At the academy we would like to share this passion and coach the new professionals in a way that’ll help them take their careers on a fast forward mode. My core industry, shipping, also needs the finer nuances of hospitality; the shippies, especially staff working in the galleys and dining areas, also need to upgrade their skills in cookery, bakery, F and B Service and food presentation. At Spectrum we’ll be able to do that. We have designed a few courses and capsule modules that are in demand but not offered at colleges and large training institutes. I am sure this will certainly be of help to the budding professionals and the people who want to learn the basics or some finer nuances of the hospitality profession.

Welcome onboard,

Best Regards

Capt. Rajesh Todiwan